Monday, November 17, 2008

A newspaper favorite

Believe it or not, one of the traditionally most well-read parts of newspapers of all sizes is the police blotter. It can be found on an inside page in the front section but it remains a viable part of the paper. Some of the items may seem rather mundane but the purpose is to inform people of what is going on in their neighborhood and the efforts of local police to keep them safe. Our reporters who compile the blotter also try to keep an eye out for the quirky items that make for interesting reading. You may have noticed that some areas are in the blotter more frequently than others. That’s because some police departments are open and cooperative with us, while others are less so. Daily blotter readers know the Waterford and Troy police departments, along with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, frequently provide items. When I was a police reporter, some officials expressed concern to me that their communities would look crime-ridden if they provided information to us. Another school of thought is that residents will feel more secure if they know what their officers are doing. Police blotter is another example of our intense focus on local news, and we appreciate the police departments that help us bring it to you.


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