Monday, April 12, 2010

FBI raids on Militia

The FBI today released some of the evidence the agents collected in their raids March 27 in Michigan. Ohio and Indiana. The haul includes suspected illegal drugs, weapons, gas masks, ingredients and instructions that could be used in making explosives, and a book of Hitler's speeches.

The militia members arrested are accused of plotting to kill police and start an insurrection.

The story is interesting on its own, because if all this is true, we have revolutionaries among us. And, although they may not be very bright, they could very well be dangerous.

But it is doubly interesting because there are people who support the cause of militias, even if they do not support the call to violence.

There are others who suggest that plotting to kill police and actually doing so are somewhat far apart. Did the FBI move in too quickly? Of course, waiting too long in a case like this could have disastrous consequences.

This story also plays into the Constitutional debate that is raging around the county. Is this something the federal government should be doing, because it crosses state lines? Or is it a local police matter? After all, the threat was allegedly against local police.

And finally, there is the question of resources. When the drug war just across the southern US border is spilling across onto American locations and American lives are being lost, why aren't more agents focusing on that problem? One big argument for such a focus is that the drug lords are very well financed and they have gone way beyond plotting to kill police, they are doing so.