Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Definition of "mail" has changed

Remember when getting a letter or postcard was a news event? What happened?
1972: Electronic Mail Introduced by Ray Tomlinson
1985: America Online debuts offering email, bulletin board updates, news and other information
1992: SMS Messaging invented, making it easier for people to communicate without having to telephone another person.
  • CompuServe, America Online, and Prodigy start providing dial-up Internet access. Sun Microsystems releases the Internet programming language called Java.
  • AOL Instant Messenger, also known as AIM, is an instant messaging and presence computer program which allows users to communicate in real time
  • First picture message, MMS, was sent. The camera was now not just for printing pictures, but for sharing them with friends via cell phones.
  • FedEx founded, offering express shipping and other options to expedite mail service
  • iChat is an instant messaging software application developed by Apple Inc.

  • Skype is invented and introduced; it allows users to speak with each other face-to-face over computers with videocams or to call phones from computers
  • Gmail, a free, advertising-supported webmail service with support for Email clients, is a product from Google.
  • Facebook is invented as a free social networking service, able to link people across the country and the world making communication fast and simple
· Gchat, also known as Google Talk, is a freeware voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) client application offered by Google Inc.
· Twitter is launched and offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling users to send and receive messages called “tweets”

And so on...


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