Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road rage

The suspected incident of road rage and shooting reported Monday in The OP, http://bit.ly/cioWxX, is a good example of how far the problem can go.

While few of us advocate carrying weapons, and God forbid — using them, many who drive on the roads in SE Michigan can relate to feeling intimidated by road rage drivers.

There are just too many drivers who insist that their speed and manner of driving is the only correct one, and who do not hesitate to show their displeasure at those who do not keep up the pace.

Rarely a week goes by that someone is driving around me and wielding their vehicle like a weapon. This includes -- tailgating, weaving around slower traffic, cutting other drivers off, among other dangerous driving techniques.

My wife tells me I drive too slow, and I point out that I am the one following the speed limit.

Why should I be forced to break the law so that others may speed without obstructions? Why should I risk my neck when the weather is bad so that others can freely disregard their own and others' safety?