Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Voters are never wrong

All the voters are never wrong.
The point of democracy is that what the majority of voters want, they get. They can change their mind. They can try something different. But it is always better than what someone else decides for them.
If America got to the point where the majority of voters were bamboozled into voting for the wrong candidate, then this would not be a democracy.
However, this is not what you hear if you listen to the many experts giving their analysis of the forces shaping political opinion and which will likely to result in November victories and defeats.
Instead, you hear a lot of speculation that people don’t really understand what is going on, that evil forces are lying to those credulous voters.
What nonsense.
Primary victories were won by candidates who really should have won. They may be odd and they may have strange things in their backgrounds, but so what? Many present elected officials are just as odd and strange things crop up in their backgrounds.
It is pretty well documented that most Americans hold a low opinion of Congress and have little hope that present politicians will do what is best for the voters.
So what is so surprising about them tossing out anyone connected to Washington? And that includes both Democrats and Republicans.
All the voters are never wrong.


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