Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Voter anger

Why are voters so angry?

Pretty simple, really. The US and the world economies were spinning out of control when Obama and the Democrats took control. They spent a lot of money that they did not have and there is very little success to show for it.

Unemployment remains high. And people who do have jobs are afraid of losing them.The government spent a lot of money and made a lot of promises, but things are not any better.

Homeowners who were told all their lives that their home was their biggest investment discovered that it could also be an anchor around their necks. The government spent a lot of money, but people are still being foreclosed and nobody is buying unless it is giveaway cheap. And if you have a home and have to sell, you are likely to lose your shirt.

The government spent a lot of money to save two of the three US automakers, and they are doing pretty well, but the promises that taxpayers would get the money back are looking doubtful.

The government spent a lot of money to save big banks and they are doing pretty well, but it is pretty tough to get credit for the average person.

The government passed a national healthcare package which was supposed to save people a lot of money. That prediction has been changed -- now we will just see less of an increase in the cost of healthcare.

The list goes on.

But we are all pretty angry and there is an election coming up. And it looks like Republicans might do well.

Will the Republicans do better? Perhaps. It certainly looks like they will soon get a chance to show what they can do.

But one thing is clear, the angry voters will toss out incumbents by the basketful this election. And if things do not improve a lot after that change of leadership, the voters will still be angry, maybe angrier, and they again will toss out whoever is in charge in the next election.

Meanwhile, I would sure like to hear your reasons why you are angry. Add yours to the comments.


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