Friday, October 15, 2010

The new prohibition -- legal and illegal pot

The clash between the federal government and the populations of state over whether marijuana should be legalized is beginning to look a lot like the years of prohibition.

I think everyone can see where this is going, but those at the top seem determined to dig in their heels and delay it as long as possible.


Legalization and taxation of marijuana would likely fix a number of economic ills.

-- It would save all the money we spend tracking, arresting, trying and jailing people for possession. That is the reason California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supports it -- save the state some money.

-- If states and local governments taxed it, it would turn the deficits around. If Michigan can collect $4 in tax for a pack of cigarettes, think how much it could collect for an ounce of marijuana.

-- If pot was legalized -- both possession and production, unemployment would fall and the glut of property in America would disappear over night. There would be lots of money to be made and people would be buying anything that could grow it and produce it.

-- It would deflect a lot of the money that America is sending to Mexican drug lords to fund their increasingly violent turf war at our border. That turf war is eventually going to require the U.S. to send troops to defend our border. Just imagine how much more expensive that problem will become if Mexico turns into a failed state run by those wealthy drug lords.

So why fight it?

With public votes going in favor of legalization and with so many economic reasons for taxing legal pot, why if the federal government opting in favor of prohibition?

Go with the flow man.


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