Friday, November 26, 2010

Bristol Palin in 3rd place

A reader called up to complain that The Oakland Press had put a photo of Bristol Palin on the top of the front page after she came in third in Dancing with the Stars. The caller said we should have reserved such treatment for the winner, not the loser.
I explained to the caller that Dancing with the Stars is not a true talent contest, and the winners and losers on the program are determined by the viewers, not by real judges.
What is more, the real winner in the case of Bristol Palin were the producers of the show, who had realized that, despite a lack of talent, Bristol would improve their ratings. And that, after all, is what the show is about.
The same is true for The OP. We are a newspaper and we follow the news. The news is that the daughter of a controversial American political celebrity was dancing a celebrity dance program, and that viewers were supporting her despite her lack of skills. Charges were flying that the Tea Party was organizing the the votes in her support.
The OP would not have put the winner of Dancing with the Stars on its front page if that person had been an ordinary contestant. This newspaper was following the controversy, not the talent.


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