Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good time for Obama to visit Mumbai

US President Obama's visit in India is drawing the sort of Indian criticism that used to be reserved for George W. Bush's forays into Asia.
Credential requests for the highest officials in India are sparking cries of outrage and threats of snubbing the presidential visit. I put it down to an inexperienced staff and the recent change in staff leadership. Where are you Rahm, now that he needs you?
Still, the comparisons are surprising since Bush did cold sholder the world after 9/11 and Obama has gone out of his way to present an opposite image.
And it seems that many Indians, involved as they are the height of the Divali weekend, are mostly curious about why he is here. That is a topic at Divali parties.
The answer is obvious. The president and his staff knew this past sumer that without a miracle The Democrats and the invincible Obama image would take a beating in this election. So they made plans in advance to get clear of Washington after the election.
Prior to the vote, the president's path is clear. He sets a yeoman's pace of get-out-the-vote rallys around the country.
But why would he wait around after the dismal returns come in? So he could answer a lot of embarassing questions about what is wrong with his policies?
Much better to get on Air Force One and tour Asia for a while.
But wait a minute, who is paying for this entourage of 3,000 and elaborate security? Why that would be us, the taxpayers.


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