Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama in India

How fortunate that President Obama will visit India while I am visiting the country.
I can say without hesitation that I am glad that I passed through Mumbai a week before the presidential visit. The planes to India, and the local connector flights were already full because of Diwali travelers, and the presidential visit is likely going to make transit through that city even more difficult.
But it is also apparent that the Obama visit is drawing attention in this country. The visit, directly after the election, will be even more interesting in India because of the country's history of fascination with America, even though the reasons for that fascination are changing.
It used to be that Indians wanted to get to America for jobs.
Now, with the Indian economy booming -- in part because of American jobs outsourced to India -- that fascination has shifted to the source of a growing market for India's burgeoning high tech sector.
I will be watching the Indian media and the reaction here from ndians to see what they have to say about Obama.


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