Thursday, December 2, 2010

Driving like a Grinch

Three separate incidents of motorists pointing guns at other motorists were reported over the weekend in Macomb County, according to the Macomb Daily.

These three gentlemen may face prison time for waving their guns about.

Police blame rash of incidents on the holiday shopping season.

Wait a minute. Isn't this supposed to be the "hap, hap, happiest time of the year?"

I have to agree with the police. This is the time of the year when I feel the most threatened while driving. And no one is pointing guns at me, at least not yet.

They just act even crazier than usual with their vehicles. Cutting off cars they think are not going fast enough. Blinking their brights to tell other drivers to get out of their way. Weaving in and out of the drivers who are merely going the speed limit.

And I can't say how scary it is in the mall parking lots. I don't dare check those out.

Are they all racing to get their shopping completed and make it to their holiday parties on time?

The experts talk about holiday depression and anxiety -- and they blame it on feelings of inadequacy because everyone is supposed to feel the joy of the season, and many do not. How about blaming at least some of it on those who spread fear on the holidays by driving like Grinches.

Then just imagine if the Grinch was armed.


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