Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oakland County needs Macomb Road Commission

I live in Macomb County and I work in Oakland County.
I have commuted to and from work for many winters.
Macomb County roads are always better cleared of snow and ice compared to Oakland County roads.
In this last storm, Macomb got a lot of snow. I had to clear my driveway twice on Sunday.
Oakland also got lots of snow.
So why are the roads in such different shape on Monday?
Last night going home, I was driving slow on ice until I got to Rochester Hills. After that the highways -- 59 and 53 were not only clear, but dry. I could drive the posted speed limit in all of Macomb County.
Why is that?
Macomb gets the same snow, but has less overall wealth than Oakland, how can they afford to maintain winter roads and Oakland cannot.
I think the answer is that Macomb cleared all that slush off the roads early Sunday evening before the temperature dropped so low. Those counties that waited until Monday morning could not remove the ice.
I think Oakland should hire whoever is in charge in Macomb.


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