Monday, January 10, 2011

Assassination and history

There have been a number of news reports that drew a vague link between SaraH Palin and the suspected assassination attempt against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

One of those was in the Oakland Press, and you can read the reader comments pro and con on the association.

I really like the following from TheaterTickets. I found it strangely balanced.

" We may never know whether Palin's gunsight crosshairs, or one of her favorite phrases ("re-load") may have caused this, but it may have.

It probably didn't help that recently a Democrat politician had an ad with him holding a gun shooting an ad for a bill he didn't favor.

It probably didn't help that a chief of staff for a Republican congressperson recently reversed the phrase "ballots instead of bullets" to say that if ballots didn't work maybe bullets should then be used.

It probably didn't help that a candidate running aganst Palin, invited people to an event where he made a fully-loaded M-16 rifle available for test firing. That may be legal but it doesn't help calm the political environment, but instead inflames it.

Oh, by the way, the Federal judge who was killed was nominated by George H. W. Bush. This conservative judge wanted to stop by and tell Gabrielle Giffords that he was thankful for her support for better finances for the federal judiciary.

And Gabrielle Giffords is a blue-dog (conservative) Democrat. She was formerly a Republican. Also note that she is a CEO of a small business, she is pro-gun, rides motorcycles and said to be (by Dems and Repubs) one of the most non-inflammatory politians in the Congress. Her husband is a Navy Pilot/NASA astronaut.

If Palin feels anything, has a conscience, etc, I wonder how she feels about her own rhetoric and actions now?

I also wonder about Gabrielle's opponent in the last election, who thought M-16's were proper at a political rally (i.e. if he has any feelings or conscience).

I liked Meet The Press today; the panel featured a Repub congressman, a Tea Party new congressman, and three Democrats.

I particularly like what one of the Demos said. He, a member of the Black Caucus in Congress, said that BOTH parties need to stop saying, "My party is correct, and your party is evil." "

Obviously "Tickets" has given this some thought and gone looking for background.

For further perspective, I recommend going to Wikipedia and look up "assassination attempts against U.S. presidents The killings and attempted killings of U.S. politicians -- for a variety of reasons -- is certainly not a recent development.


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