Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NY airport traffic jam

My daughter flew back to LaGuardia last night and reported no problems. She said there was no line at security and the plane left on time.
I had been worried because of all the problems that the airlines are having in New York airports.
But when I think about it, this makes perfect sense.
The New York airports must be doing everything in their power to make sure all the incoming flights arrive without delay. They need those seats when those planes turn around and leave.
The problem is that the incoming seats and the outgoing seats are so closely matched, that there are few empty seats to take out all those stranded passengers whose flights were canceled.
But I would say that if you are flying to New York, and it is your final destination, you should have no problems.
If you are flying there and continuing on, I would expect the airlines would like it very much if you rebooked to another transit point. That way they would pick up your outgoing seat for one of the stranded passengers.


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