Thursday, January 20, 2011

Item pricing law is pointless

Gov. Rick Snyder said in his State of the State address that there are regulations in place that help no one, and hold us back economically.
Good example would the the Item Pricing Law. If you want to read all the details and exceptions of the law, go to
But in a nutshell, the law demands that retailers mark every item and if their check-out price scanners do not match the price, the customer can collect a bounty for the difference.
The law is silly for a number of reasons.
Nearly every item in every store has a bar code and the check-out scanners use the bar codes to record the price. To demonstrate how far out of date the law is, there are phone apps that will read bar codes and tell you the price in that store, and also the price for the same item in nearby stores.
What is needed is a law that protects customers who respond to point-of-purchase sale signs and buy items because of reduced prices, but due to store computer errors are charged the regular price at checkout.
Such errors on sale items, which under the law do not have to be price labeled and are exempt from the penalty, make the present law useless.
In other words, nobody wins with this law and it should be repealed or rewritten.
Forget the requirement about item pricing and replace it with a total focus on bar code accuracy and penalties for all errors (especially sale items) which do not check-out at the prices that agree with the signs in the aisles.


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