Monday, March 21, 2011

Funding NPR

Don't get me wrong. I like NPR and I listen to a number of their programs. But should our tax dollars support them? I would say that they should, except that they are distinctly left in their bias.

If there were a tax on liberals, this would be a good source of revenue for NPR.

But I can understand why conservatives would be opposed to using their money for this organization.

Those of you who listened to On the Media over the weekend will appreciate what I mean.

Most of the show was dedicated to the question of NPR bias. Their conclusion? We are not biased.

That is absurd on a number of levels.

First of all, the "investigation" by the staff, responding to a challenge by Ira Glass, was to examine the claims that NPR is biased. That is certainly a case of the foxes guarding the hen house.

Glass himself said when issuing the challenge that he did not believe NPR is biased. What a way to start an investigation!

Let me offer an alternative way to examine the bias question: Has anyone ever accused NPR of having a conservative bias? Of course not.

And please do not confuse "conservative bias" with having listeners accuse NPR of bending over backwards to accommodate conservatives -- which they sometimes do.

They have to, because their bias is so blatant that now self-respecting conservative will go on NPR programs and allow themselves and their ideas to be demeaned by the righteous attitudes of the interviewers.

In a nutshell, NPR staffers and editors are overwhelmingly liberal and by group agreement, they consider their viewpoint to be correct.

However, the NPR viewpoint is not mainstream. And most taxpayers do not share it -- so why should they support it?


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