Friday, February 18, 2011

Michigan is down

Gov. Snyder's budget was met with a firestorm of criticism from almost everyone, but it hits almost everyone. So the criticism makes sense.

The biggest complaints are that it balances the budget -- and cuts aid to schools, seniors and the poor -- but helps business.

This also makes sense, because the Michigan economy is bad, which means that businesses are not coming here unless the state promises them huge tax incentives.

Unless business grows in Michigan, there will be more unemployed people, more poor people and more people leaving the state. There will be less money for schools and for services. This is a trend, not a stopping point. The situation is getting worse.

So, to stop the downward spiral, we do have to get realistic about what to do to stop it.

I am sure this budget is not perfect, but it is realistic.

And, we should keep an eye on what is happening in Wisconsin. That is another alternative.


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