Wednesday, April 20, 2011

M-59 construction -- be very careful

The orange barrels are up, the lanes are restricted, the work has begun on the final segment of lousy pavement between I-75 and Crooks.

This was the worst, and they saved it to last.

Now of course, the traffic is redirected onto the worst two lanes of pavement going both east and west in this construction zone. And to make matters even more dicey, since they are about to tear up those bad spots, they do not bother to fill them in with hot patch.

The potholes are growing and are to the point where they can do damage to your vehicle.

The final cap to this difficult time, it is uncertain what the speed limit is in this construction zone -- and most drivers proceed at 70 or above.

This is one of those sections of pavement that should be posted: Driving at the speed limit may be dangerous to your health and may result in damage to your vehicle.


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