Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sticking it to the younger generation

The government battle continues over spending -- the relatively small cuts, the push to borrow even more and the reluctance to touch entitlement programs that were designed as safety nets, but continue to send money to rich people...

We know how seniors view these things -- AARP tells us and, being one of the largest lobby organizations in Washington, they let us know how powerful the senior voting block can be.

But what about the younger generation? There is no lobbying group for young people and they often are too busy to vote.

That is too bad, because those young people are about to be stuck with an enormous tab for all the spending the baby boomers are doing. What is worse, boomers continue to insist is their right to spend all they money they have and to borrow what they don't have.

That process of spending our kids' inheritance works pretty well as long as the boomers are in power and the older Americans do get out and vote.

But what happens when the next generation begins to fill the seats in Washington? Good Lord, imagine if young people actually became aware of what was being dumped on them and they began to vote in their own self interests.

As a boomer with grown kids, that idea worries me. Will they be angry about the mess we are handing them? They should be. And, if they get really angry, will they push us old folks out on the icebergs?


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