Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 p.m AP budget for the Oakland Press

Michigan noon Associated Press budget for the Wednesday 7/20 edition of the Oakland Press

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VOTERS’ MOOD-MICHIGAN — A poll released Tuesday shows more voters are optimistic about Michigan’s economic recovery, but more than half think the state is on the wrong track and give Gov. Rick Snyder a negative job rating.
MICHIGAN RIVER-OIL SPILL — Nearly a year after an oil spill polluted the Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan, crews continue cleaning up the mess. Government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency are scheduled to provide an update on the process Tuesday afternoon.
Eds: Developing from a 3 p.m. teleconference.
MACKINAC RACE-BOATERS KILLED — Greg Freeman, chairman of the Chicago Yacht Club’s Race to Mackinac, on Tuesday was to discuss the capsizing of a boat that killed the skipper and another crew member.
Eds: Developing from 11 a.m. news conference via Skype.
McMILLAN TOWNSHIP — Police say a 64-year-old woman was attacked by a captive, nearly 400-pound black bear while feeding two of the animals in the western Upper Peninsula. Michigan State Police say the woman from Ewen was attacked Monday afternoon while feeding the bears in a large, fenced-in area on private property in Ontonagon County’s McMillan Township. Police say the woman, who was alone, drove a short distance home and called 911.
NEW YORK — It’s a bit counterintuitive: The rise of electronic books led to the death of Borders bookstores, but the demise of the chain that pioneered big-box bookselling could ultimately hurt electronic book sales. With one less place to browse and research new book titles, analysts and consumers say e-book readers will be less inclined to buy electronic books. By Retail Writer Mae Anderson.
DETROIT — Nissan Motor Co. is raising the price of the Leaf electric car. The base price of the 2012 model-year Leaf will be $35,200, up nearly $2,500 from the 2011 model year. Drivers can also lease the Leaf for $369 per month, up $19. By Auto Writer Dee-Ann Durbin.


DEBT SHOWDOWN — Defying a veto threat, House Republicans push toward passage of legislation to raise the nation’s debt limit in exchange for trillions in spending cuts and congressional approval of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Even before the vote, Speaker John Boehner says he is at work on alternatives to prevent a government default threatened on Aug. 2. AP photos
DEBT SHOWDOWN-GOP FRESHMEN — Hard-charging Republican freshmen get their House vote to cut spending and balance the budget, yet it may not satisfy some of the 87 members who lifted the GOP to the majority last year. The many citizen-lawmakers — pizza shop owners, farmers and businessmen — are under pressure from tea party supporters not to compromise, even if it means the nation defaults. AP photos.
—DEBT SHOW-GANG OF SIX — Bipartisan group of senators known as the “Gang of Six” nears agreement on a major deficit-cutting plan that could be a bold entry into a debate on the deficit.
—DEBT SHOWDOWN-DAILY SUMMARY — Brief explanation of debt standoff and latest developments.
BRITAIN-PHONE HACKING — Rupert Murdoch spars with lawmakers, insisting he’s not responsible for eavesdropping and police bribery by News Corp. employees, dodging attempts to draw him deeper into a scandal that has embroiled Britain’s political and media elite. Uncowed by an attempt to throw a foam pie in his face — it was batted away by his wife — the media magnate simply takes off his jacket and continues his testimony. AP photos, video, interactive.
Even as Rupert Murdoch and his son James faced tough questions from a British parliamentary panel over the phone hacking scandal, News Corp.’s shares were up more than 4 percent. Investors appeared to be reassured that the CEO and his son were working to minimize the scandal’s fallout. AP photos.
BRITAIN-PHONE HACKING-MURDOCH AND SON — The attacker struck in a flash, pie dish in hand. A scuffle broke out, foam flew. James Murdoch sprang up, astonished. His father sat, impassive. It was a dramatic moment that highlighted the different styles of the blunt, combative media titan Rupert Murdoch and his smooth, Harvard-educated son. The son was more willing to answer questions, but it was the father who dominated a session designed to show lawmakers and shareholders that the 80-year-old mogul is firmly in control. AP photos, video.
BRITAIN-POLICE AND PRESS — One senior journalist worked as a language interpreter for Scotland Yard, privy to confidential information. Another was a press consultant, helping the force shape its public message. A third allegedly served as a police informant, passing on sensitive information and receiving tips in return. Was the relationship between Rupert Murdoch’s media arm and London’s police force just too close for comfort? AP photos, video.
— BRITAIN-PHONE HACKING-IN BRIEF — Key points of Tuesday’s testimony before parliamentary committees.
— BRITAIN-MURDOCH-TEXT — The text of Rupert Murdoch’s prepared statement.
— BRITAIN-PHONE HACKING-GLANCE — Key figures in the phone hacking scandal called before parliamentary committee.

HEAT WAVE-SENIORS — The heat wave blanketing much of the nation prompts numerous health warnings about triple-digit temperatures combined with stifling humidity. But you’re healthy, active and feel just fine. So what if you’re over 65? Think again. Feeling good doesn’t mean you’re safe. When you’re older, you don’t experience thirst as much and may be unaware you’re getting dehydrated — a dangerous condition in the heat. AP photos.
SHUTTLE-MISSION CONTROL — This large high-ceilinged room, where people speak in hushed tones and observe time-honored traditions is as close to holy as some in the geeky world of space engineering get. It is Mission Control and after Atlantis lands Thursday, it will close up shop. Hundreds will lose their jobs or move to new ones at NASA, leaving behind what some call the “cathedral of spaceflight.” AP photos.
— SPACE SHUTTLE — A space shuttle left the International Space Station for the very last time Tuesday, heading home to end a 30-year run of a vessel that kept U.S. astronauts flying longer than any other rocketship. AP photos, video.

EGYPT-MILITARY — Egypt’s ruling generals are seeking to enshrine a future role for themselves with considerable independence from civilian leaders and possibly an authority to intervene in politics. The push appears to be driven by the military’s fear of losing the near-autonomous power it has enjoyed for nearly 60 years, but activists worry it will open the door for the army to dictate politics in a democratic Egypt. AP photos.
PERRY-TEA PARTY — Despite his thundering speeches against big government, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a troubled relationship with the tea party, a rift increasingly obvious as he gets closer to a presidential bid. Tea party activists in Texas have fueled an attack campaign in New Hampshire about what they see as Perry’s own big-government moves in Austin. AP photos.
—KUCINICH-NEW SEAT — Progressive Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich, likely to lose his Ohio seat because of redistricting, may run for Congress in Washington state, but party officials there fear he’ll cost them the seat. AP photos.
PARENTS KILLED-PARTY — By all accounts, Tyler Hadley got along with his parents and liked to shoot hoops with his dad in the driveway. So those who knew the 17-year-old are reeling from what police say happened over the weekend: The teen is accused of beating his parents to death with a hammer, hiding their bodies with towels and files, and locking the bloody scene away in the master bedroom — all just hours before he had dozens of his friends over for a party in the same home.
AP photos.
LIHUE, Hawaii — A picturesque waterfall and natural pool in Hawaii has claimed the lives of five people who were suddenly sucked underwater, and others have suffered perforated eardrums, broken ankles and chest injuries at the majestic location. The deaths have prompted local authorities to push for greater restrictions to the site even as visitors keep flocking to the gorgeous blue-green waters. AP photos, video.
VATICAN-PHILADELPHIA ARCHBISHOP — Philadelphia’s incoming Roman Catholic archbishop pledges to help sex-abuse victims by working harder than anyone to heal “the sins of the past.” Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver takes over an archdiocese rocked by two grand-jury reports that accuse the church of hiding sex-abuse complaints for decades. AP photos.
REBOOTING PCS — The personal computer industry needs a jumpstart — and it’s banking on a rescue from emerging markets. The U.S. and European markets are shrinking as fewer people buy PCs because of economic anxiety, market saturation and the rise of tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad. More signs of such strain are expected when PC makers and their component suppliers begin to disclose their latest quarterly earnings this week. To cope, PC makers are looking abroad for their future.
— ALZHEIMER’S-PREVENTION — Taking care of your body just might save your mind, research suggests.
— WISCONSIN RECALLS — A Democratic Wisconsin state senator is the first of nine lawmakers facing recall elections over their positions on Gov. Scott Walker’s law stripping most public workers of their collective bargaining rights. AP photos.
— SCHOOL MOLESTATION INVESTIGATION — California officials shut down private elementary school near Sacramento after current and former students say they were molested over a 15-year period.
— GAY MARRIAGE-NYC — Anticipating a flood of nuptials, New York City will hold a lottery for couples who want to get married on Sunday, the first day same-sex marriage will be legal in the state.
— GUINEA-SHOOTING — Guinea’s democratically elected president survives an assassination attempt.
—CLINTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledges robust counterterrorism cooperation with India, says U.S. won’t ease pressure on Pakistan to combat extremists.
—PAKISTAN-AGENT — FBI arrests a Virginia man, accusing him of getting money from Pakistan’s spy agency and using it to lobby for the Pakistani government inside the United States.


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