Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rochester Hills Facebook page

If you go to http://bit.ly/aVYCjW and scroll down to the bottom, there are plenty of opinions being offered on both sides of a controversy over whether an online news site, The Rochester Citizen should be allowed to post news tags on the Rochester Hills DDA Facebook page.

Many of the comments seem to fall into the political divide that exists in most communities. But the debate is worth following:

One reader:

" If The Rochester Citizen was being promoted on the DDA site as a business by right-wingers, this discussion wouldn't even be taking place. It sounds to me like some conservatives feel threatened by what the The Rochester Citizen might say about them. Why else would they be trying to suppress free speech? "

Another said:

" A Facebook Fan page, supported by taxpayer dollars (DDA budget) is simply not the place to promote political ideaology either-way. If someone wants to promote their views, set up your own site. Its a free country. For those defending having this e-paper (with editorials) access, what would you say if some gross organization (neo-nazi's) set up a business. The DDA is not a privately funded organization and therefore has to be accountable to all residents. "

There are many more observations being posted. Join the debate.


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