Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its the tax code, stupid

The great Obama/Republican tax cut is passed, much to the relief of most taxpayers, and much to the annoyance of those who would have preferred to cut the deficit.
And in between there are many others who can find things to criticize in the tax cut plan -- usually in the nature of who won and who lost.
What did not get criticized, however, is the tax code itself.
The code, which takes lawyers and accountants to unravel -- and is the product of decades of lobbying and back-scratching -- is the reason we need a tax cut.
It is easier to cut taxes than to fix all the things in the code that will gouge one unintended taxpayer or another.
Just to name a few -- the alternative minimum tax, the marriage penalty.
And that whole argument about who is rich -- now that is a can of worms.
Taxes are like the weather -- everybody talks about them, but nobody ever fixes them.


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