Thursday, December 16, 2010

Learn from what works

Here is an observation than mine on the difference in road clearing between Oakland and Macomb counties, The following letter was sent to the editor of The Macomb Daily:

Subject: icy roads

I just read the article "Brine not to blame for icy roads" in Macomb
County and reports of many people complaining about the condition of the
roads during this recent snow storm. I am not a person who enjoys
driving in the snow and ice, but was able to get out around Macomb
County at 2pm on Monday without difficulty. Then on Tuesday, I was all
over the roads in Macomb County with work and Christmas preparations.
But on Wednesday, I had to travel to West Bloomfield at 7:30am. I never
imagined having any trouble in my travels across county from Shelby Twp
but did leave 20 minutes early for the morning work rush. Boy, was I
wrong!!! As soon as I crossed Dequindre on 18 Mile/Long Lake, there was
considerable difference with speed travels dropped to 15 mph because of
the snow, slush and mainly ice all over the road. Maple Road was as bad
with dangerous intersections and icy stops on the hills. A typical 60
minute trip took me two hours!!I love Macomb County and thought their
snow removal and road work for this snow storm was impeccable. Kudos to
the Road Commission.

Mary Jo Kurily
Shelby Twp.

Now, how about a possible solution for Oakland County.

I suspect many of you have heard of the idea of "positive deviance." That sounds deliciously evil, but in fact, is just a way of solving seemingly impossible problems by studying the isolated cases that work and then applying those procedures to the larger problem.
I suggest that this might be a solution to the problem of snow removal in Oakland.
It is pretty obvious that Macomb is doing something right. And following the concept of positive deviance, Oakland should study how Macomb does their road clearing and look for something different.
Oakland County's road commission should stop pretending that everything is OK here (except for the lack of money) and take the time to study what does work in other places.


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