Monday, January 31, 2011

The new urge for democracy

In looking at the recent popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen — there has been some speculation about why they are happening.

Among all the other theories, I would like to throw out the suggestion that the recent American elections had something to do with it.

Americans, fed up with high unemployment, a stagnant economy and a government that seemed oblivious to the difficulties of the common man, voted a lot of the rascals out of office.

What a lesson for the rest of the world -- particularly those countries that suffer under much worse economic conditions than that of the U.S. -- and have no freedoms of expression, of the press and no chance to have a say in how their governments are run.

Throw in social media and the increasing ability to share those frustrations across the country and television coverage of other uprisings in other Arab countries.

All these things bring home the realization that they face a future of no change and little hope for a better life. Spontaneous uprising seems quite predictable.


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