Thursday, July 21, 2011

How hot is it?

A reader called to point out that The Oakland Press weather map on page 2 has been under reporting the high temperatures for this area.

For example, today's edition predicts that the high will be 94. The reader says she has been hearing 99.

This weather information comes from and you can check this yourself. But when I plug in the forecast for Pontiac, Milford, Rochester, etc. they all say 98.

So I called Accuweather and they are sticking by their predictions, which they say are taken at the Pontiac Airport.

I will have to look into this further. It seems hotter than 91 at noon to me, but I may be feeling the humidity. We will be sure to get some accurate highs from around the county for today in our story about the heat. Everyone is predicting a record high -- which would be above 97.

Stay tuned.


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