Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The new cost of lead paint

Starting Thursday 4/22, the cost of remodeling through a contractor will get a lot more expensive

The new EPA rule requires professional contractors to use "lead safe" practices when working on homes, day-care centers and schools built before 1978 -- the year lead paint was banned in the US.

The restrictions are similar to those imposed on workers cleaning up asbestos -- masks, suits and vacuums.

However, when you consider the number of buildings involved in the new rule, it is obvious this one will be much more expensive and much more restrictive.

Contractors have correctly pointed out that while lead can be a poison for children, this new rule amounts to a hidden tax that will be paid by their business and, eventually, homeowners and taxpayers.

It will add thousands of dollars to a remodeling project.

This will add to the recession because it will affect people's ability to purchase homes built before 1978.

It will certainly make buyers think twice, unless they plan to do the work themselves, or hire an unlicensed contractor to do the project.

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