Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another storm that wasn't

Well, it did snow and it is cold. But is it bad enough that everything had to shut down. No.
And if you read the comments on OP stories last night, many readers were skeptical of the "blizzard." It turns out they were right. This one fell something short of a storm of the century -- for us.
But, as Lenny Bruce said, "Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you."
Same thing here. Just because you are skeptical about projected snowstorms does not mean that they do not happen.
The storm that missed us did dump on Chicago. The got OVER 20 inches and the city schools there closed for the first time in 12 years. Lakeshore Drive was closed for 12 hours. And the battered Northeast is taking another pasting, with NYC receiving another 12 inches on what they still have not cleared away. And they may get 3 inches of ice on top of that.
And just because we can get to the airport here does not mean that we can fly out of here. US flight cancellations are topping 5,000 for a second day.
However, what happened here -- all the closings -- was overreaction. We are getting used to not getting snow, so even the threat of snow is enough for us to shut everything down.
For example, the IRS shut down its Taxpayer Assistance Centers in Detroit, Flint and Saginaw; but not the ones in Marquette or Traverse City. Those northern cities are used to this kind of snow.
The fact is, we are getting off surprisingly light yet again and it is making our reactions to snow similar to those in Atlanta or Dallas. We should keep in mind that this is Michigan and in winter -- snow happens. Eventually our normal weather patterns will return.


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