Monday, April 26, 2010

The flap over a Pontiac deputy mayor

The story about the Pontiac mayor and council appointing a deputy mayor drew a firestorm of thoughtful comments.

Are Pontiac's leaders listening to what the citizens say?

Here are some of the best:

"These two are really starting to get on my last nerves. Such childish and immature behavior.
My message to both of you is to consider the cities needs first and take that foolishness somewhere else. Personally, I'll be glad when the city is rid of both of you.
Either do the job that you have been assigned or get on gone. We don't have time as a city to follow all the unnecessary bickering between the two of you. You both sound like children. Grow the heck up." -- City Resident

"Pontiac really sucks.Can we please get people running the city who do not act like children.It sounds like the council and new mayor are trying to be sneaky but you dummies still have no power.Mr.Leeb can decide not to let this man have the position.This just shows Pontiac will never get it self together.Its the same old BULL****." -- This City Sucks

" The Governor made a decision to send an Emergency Financial manager into Pontiac because it's over $100 million dollars in debt. people who keep saying that elected officials in Pontiac deserve to run the city, are forgetting that Pontiac has a $100 million deficit. This Means that The Governor who is the highest ranking elected official in the state, decided that Pontiac can not get out of debt without an Emergency Manager. This isn't a case of Granholm not liking Pontiac. It's a case of Financial instability. Without Fred Leeb, Pontiac would be bouncing checks. Pontiac would began to lose city services like Police, Fire, Trash, and Public Works. Fred Leeb is here to protect the Finances of Pontiac and to insure that city services are maintained, and checks get cashed. Anyone who wants him out, has no understanding of how government functions. Granholm is our elected leader, and she is protecting Pontiac from a major financial crises. Jukowski and the City Council are elected, but they don't have the authority that Fred Leeb has. The mayor can't do anything without 4 council members supporting him, the Council needs a majority vote, and neither has the power to take the city through a bankruptcy if it's needed. They are also very limited in their power to bargain with union and retirees. Leeb is here to do what they can't, and that's why his power goes beyond the Mayor and City Council." -- Why Leeb's Here

"What I don't understand is why do we even have city council meetings. Its nothing but a zoo anyway. With a Emergency Financial Manager in place, City Government is suspended until our city gets its financial house in order. Mr. Glass ought to be ashamed of himself for allowing jukowski to put him in this no-win position. The governor needs to step in and shut the whole thing down. Saving our city comes first. I see now why we don't have a smooth running government. I don't see how any Mayor could operate with such a egotistical bunch of fools on the city council. jukowski is a lawyer and he should no better but somehow he thinks that he could do better than EFM leeb. If the city council does not respect a Governor appointed officiaL sent to straighten out the finances of the city then what does Jukowski think would happen to him if Leeb was not in town. Many of us remember what happen to the last mayor and it sounds like they are trying to do the same thing to LEEB. Only difference this time is that this stupidity is sponsored by Auburn Hills-Tim Melton and Leon Jukowski. If i were Leeb, I would just shut City Hall down until Pontiac is out of its situation. With all this craziness going on, our city really doesn't have a chance. It's obvious that those we elected don't give a dam. Mr. Glass you have been had. The council and the Mayor don't have any authority to create a position while we are in financial crisis. Shame, Shame on the city council and so-called mayor." -- Stop the Madness

"The Mayor and Council do have the authority to make municipal appointments while under an EFM. There are a lot of bloggers who have a vested interest and are actually hoping our city fails, but this will not happen.
Those of you who are criticizing the efforts of our Mayor and Council should have run for the position! Obviously you could step into their shoes and do a better job. No one is criticizing the financial job that Leeb's, his 6 lawyers and his paid auditing staff is doing. He is doing the job of an EFM (without experience also).
We are questioning why he must act like a dictator. Given this Council is new, I applaud their commitment to work tireless hours a week, donating their resources and being slandered by bloggers who probably are more of the cause than the cure.
Leeb, my only comment to you is that it appears that the woman I voted for is using you to destroy our city. Stop painting Pontiac as destitute, get rid of your agenda, your bloggers and your high salary. If you really have our best interest at heart, do like Glass and work for free!
Prove me WRONG Leeb, I challenge you to work WITH the Mayor and Council and stop auctioning off Pontiac! Do this, or go back to Jennifer.
God forbids if Obama puts this woman or anyone working with her in any position that affects the lives of American citizens.
Remember this Pontiac this November. Your vote does count!" -- The Facts Are...

Feel free to joint the debate.


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