Friday, May 14, 2010

Early retirement for Michigan teachers

The Michigan Legislature has passed an early retirement package aimed at inducing older teachers to bow out early. Backers say it will save the state $700 million and result in increased spending for public schools.
The bills are backed by Gov. Granholm and the Republicans -- odd enough -- and also by enough Democrats to swing it through.
The plan is opposed, however, by the MEA, which is miffed about not being consulted about the details, and because it does not offer enough to retiring members.
Those are just the major backers and opponents, there are many other views on the impact and potential for success of this plan.
The debate is already going strong on The Oakland Press website. Go to to add your comments.
Here are some samples:

"Increase the taxpayer funded pensions and let them retire early, how nice. If the company that I've worked at for 31 years decided today to get rid of me I'd be out the door with no pension, health care, severance package, nothing. Teachers need to start living in the real world."

"Two points:
1. If the MEA is strongly against it...then it is good for everyone in the State of Michigan...including teachers. The MEA is self serving....even the teachers know that. The people that manage and administer the MEA are SCARED TO DEATH THAT THE GRAVY TRAIN WILL END and they will become irrelevant.
2. With every teacher that gets $50,000 in pension a is the equivalent of having 1 million in savings and living off the 5%. Most know that this is a great deal and, on an individual basis, are reasonable people. Dealing with them without the MEA would solve a lot of problems...they just can't/won't admit that in public."

"Cut EVERYONE's pay! Don't let old people retire! Stop all health care for everyone but the wealthy! Cut Taxes! Raise Profits!
***With a mindset like the above, we are rapidly becoming the third world nation that the rest of the world wants us to be. No more shipping jobs to China - the low wage jobs are now here. No more lawsuits against corporate criminals - the rules are in place to forbid it. No more "golden years" for seniors - their efforts have only supported Wall Street. No more American Dream - it's now a nightmare for everyone that ever thought they had it!"

"I seriously urge anyone graduating from college to seriously consider moving out of Michigan. The recovery process will take a long time and the environment is not education friendly at all. I am so relieved that my children left the state after they graduated from the University of Michigan.
Seriously, read the posts here. Who would really want to live here? It is a dying, angry group of people."


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