Monday, May 10, 2010

Medical marijuana

A recent story about a Waterford restaurant offering medical marijuana during the evening -- -- brought a flood of comments -- positive, negative and some downright nasty.

Here are a few samples:

"We also need to ban alcohol and firearms. They kill as well. But the people have spoken. They want medical marijuana. So we won, you lost. Stop crying. It's the law. Don't like the law. Then move to another state. In this state we are going to smoke our medical marijuana. Deal with it. "

" Does anyone realize that these "poor suffering" people are just like a drunk driver after they smoke dope? The THC levels are intoxicating enough for the state to have a Operating While under Influence of Narcotics...which marihuana is still classified. So go ahead go to Waterford to smoke your dope. I hope the Waterford PD is there waiting to take you and fake "chronic" pain to jail. For every legitimate person who the dope supposedly helps, there are a hundred frauds making up reasons to have a medical card. Just go to the doctor in Howell and he will give one for a boo boo on your knee. What a Joke! And by the way, people are getting killed everyday supplying and delivering your dope. "

" I want to say thank you for the great work you people are doing in Waterford, I'm 72 yrs old & have lost alot of friends to cancer & a host of other diseases, that prescription drugs seemed to make worse or turn my friends into zombies, or kill 'em off faster, if only this was around sooner, alot of people could have lived a better life & possibly longer, welcome to the 21st century folks! the new miracle drug is here!"

This story proved to be the most popular story on The Oakland Press website last Wednesday.

Don't worry, if you missed that debate, there are plenty more coming up on the topic.

We will soon have a story about a school for medical marijuana growers that will open soon in Southfield.

It is an interesting issue. There are those who say legalization of any form of marijuana is a "slippery slope." Others say it could be the economic salvation of our depressed state.

And still others say that the U.S. will have to legalize pot, just to cut off the funding to the growing menace of the drug lords south of the border.

What do you think?



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