Thursday, July 8, 2010

More car vs. bike

More debate on who owns the roads: cars, bikes, both?

I especially liked the comment about bikers with bullets. The NRA should weigh in on this.

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hsc wrote on Jul 8, 2010 5:21 AM:
" This story quoted EJ Levy? He is the one whose comment last week was based on the premise of the cyclst being intelligent and the pickup driver being ignorant. Now he's putting himself out there claiming victimhood. My experience in biking about 170 miles a week is that when you show courtesy, you receive it. Mr. Levy either is unaware of this, or feels that being courteous isn't as dramatic (and potentilly profitable) as being a victim.
Drivers need to not bully cyclists, and cyclists need to obey the traffic laws of the roads they want to share. It's that simple. Unfortunately in my eyes, Mr. Levy has no credibility at all. Typically those who complain the loudest are those who think the rules are for others. "

Jeremy wrote on Jul 8, 2010 6:40 AM:
" I agree with hss. While driving I always try to be very considerate and cautious of any on bikes. But there have been some bikers who stay right in the middle of the road with headphones on and ignorant of anything or anyone around them. "

earthly wrote on Jul 8, 2010 8:42 AM:
" I say " okay, I can share the road with bicycles." But, if I am to share the road with them, then they too should be plated, have insurance, and pay a tax to ride their bike on the road just like every car and motorcycle. "

ccblogger wrote on Jul 8, 2010 8:49 AM:
" There are plenty of inconsiderate drivers out there. I bike almost exclusively on bike paths and encounter many drivers who think it is perfectly acceptable to block bike paths and crosswalks. Then there are the ones who race up to the intersections to make right turns when the traffic light is red; those people are the ones bicyclists have to be the most wary of. I am always careful when crossing streets on the bike path because many drivers are not watching out for pedestrians and bicyclists. "

dmbshat wrote on Jul 8, 2010 9:14 AM:
" Heck people do this to others in cars. You are not special Levy. I have always given cyclists extra room but don't take it as an entitlement. I always see cyclists doing 25-30mph in a 50mph zone or blow through stop signs and then give a dirty look because you pass them. You have to obey the same laws as cars. Pass all the laws you want, it comes down to how you want to risk your life, it is pure physics: 3500lbs car wins over 40lbs bike. "

bkluv wrote on Jul 8, 2010 10:23 AM:
" @earthly - I am so tired of that argument. Just because I ride a bike doesn't mean that I don't have a car. I have a car. I live in a home. I pay city, state and federal taxes. Out of all of my friends that bike, maybe a handful don't have cars, but the other 1,200 do. We all pay the same taxes that go to fix the roads.

I don't see why just becuase I'm on a bike its ok to run me over. If I was walking in the street you would move over. I don't know why when I'm on 2 wheels I'm automatically not a human anymore.

We need to share the road. "Can't we all just get along?" " wrote on Jul 8, 2010 1:28 PM:
" Hello,
I would like to invite HSC and Jeremy to reread my statement posted earlier. Neither of you know me, have ever ridden with me, been on a list serve where I've posted articles outlining safety concerns for cyclists, met with me as I visited state representatives lobbying for improvements in road rules to enhance your safety while on the road, raced with me, or been on charity rides I've initiated and led outlined with specifics on how to ride safely, or been privy to conversations I've had with police officers, that I've initiated seeking their advice on how I can convey to the ride community what they think we can do to fit in with the community and other vehicular traffic. I don't think you have been on any of the (up to four) group rides I lead, including a new WomensRide I started last year designed to bring more novice cyclists into the community with new skill sets and an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this sport.
I'm impressed that because I was in a situation where I filed a police report upon having a car nearly brush me on a four lane road (with no other traffic), which seems to me still as a responsible course of action, that you think I had a personal gain in mind when I did so. I had to go to court three times, taking valuable time off of work and since I was not hit, I had no personal damages, so to infer that I had a motive of financial gain is patently absurd. My concern was for YOU. To get a hazardous driver off the road so he wouldn't kill you or your best pal in some sort of pitiful attempt to teach you a lesson, that you should be riding on the sidewalk. I don't just complain. I feel it important to follow through. To contact the police if necessary. To write a letter outlining that what no doubt happened last week on Inkster was probably a typical experience (as confirmed by dozens or respondents to an inquiry regarding that incident I sent to three bike clubs) and to write a letter to the author of this article thanking her for illuminating a serious, even deadly situtation which is all too common.

I make no excuses to you or anyone else about my committment to the cylcling community here in SE Michigan. Nor regarding the pattern I set for safe riding. I do suppose that despite the fact that a driver purposely hit a rider with his car seems to not be very important to so many riders but you seem convinced that other riders are the problem. I suppose that infuriates me even more than the driver's reckless and wonton behavior.

And it is precisely the point that I am not special that I have some sort of innate protection against a two ton vehicle when riding my 20 pound bike. We are obligated to ride the roads adhering to the laws and to anticipate the errors many drivers make (often because they are themselves misinformed)and use our bikes in a reasonably safe fashion.

Contribute something. Ride safely and have a good and safe Summer.

By the way. How many of you sign your name to your letters? I'll be leading a ride from Outdoor Action Company in Sylvan Lake this evening at 6:30. Care to join me. Perhaps we will all learn something. "

jd wrote on Jul 8, 2010 2:30 PM:
" I always laugh when I hear about some Lance Armstrong wannabe getting hit because they are too stupid to realize the roads are for cars only. All these bikers getting hurt and killed are getting what they deserve! "

that wrote on Jul 8, 2010 2:38 PM:
" Imagine how different this debate would be if cyclists packed unconcealed heat. "


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