Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The buzz today is that the new owners of the Silverdome have scheduled a cannabis convention there for Oct.29-31 The story -- -- is drawing some interesting comments.

Number one is the irony that Pontiac is dragging its feet about allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in the city -- while there are plenty of illegal dispensaries going full blast.

The Pontiac chief says the reduced staffing of police will not permit adequate supervision of the dome event.

Let's see if we have this straight. The city is out of money, and they have to lay of cops. Therefore the police cannot go after the bad people who are selling pot and not paying any taxes in doing so.

Medical marijuana dispensaries would be legal and would pay taxes, which would possibly lead to hiring more police who could go after illegal drug sellers.

Come on, wake up and smell the smoke in the air.

Medical marijuana was first legalized in California. Other states, including Michigan, soon followed.

Now California voters will decide on legalizing -- and heavily taxing -- marijuana. This is a state that is so broke they were offering the governor's signature on cars to help raise money. So, which way do you think that will that vote go?

And how quickly will other states join the race for new tax revenue.

Look at how much money Michigan rakes in taxing tobacco. How much more could we get by taxing pot?

Anybody have any better ideas for bailing us out of this hole we are in?


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