Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Appliance cash for clunkers is bait and switch

Whirlpool announces big profits from the federal appliance rebate program. http://bit.ly/96J2PO But how many people who applied for the rebates got them?

That is the difference between cash for clunkers and this program.

People liked cash for clunkers, because when the went shopping they were sure about the rebate before they bought the car.

The appliance rebate, on the other hand, required that customers make the purchase and then see if they got the rebate.

As one of those who bought an appliance, applied for the rebate and then was informed that the money was gone, I can tell you what my response is:

If this were a business, I would call it bait and switch and I would report the abuse to the government.

But this is the government doing the bait and switch, so my only recourse is to vote against those in office.


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