Thursday, August 26, 2010

The rush to medical marijuana

Well, it has not been exactly a rush. There was a lot of interest and a few shops did open, but many communities here in Oakland County responded by enacting moratoriums on the creation of medical marijuana shops, fearing that there was a recreational aspect involved.

And Wednesday the Oakland County narcotics teams raided two medical pot shops -- one in Waterford and one in Ferndale -- arrested people and seized records and stuff. The cops suspect that the customers are not all legitimate patients.

However, Michigan voters did approve the sale of medical marijuana.

That in itself was surprising in a state that still has limited blue laws.

It is also indicative of the changes in the wind. The baby boomers, many of whom are former pot-smoking hippies, are maturing into their retirement years. They have all the aches and pains associated with old age and are entering retirement. They are, perhaps, mellowing in their attitudes toward former activities.

As the Mommas and Pappas said in the song: "In L.A. you know where that's at."

Just this week, Ferndale lifted their moratorium on medical pot sales.

My prediction is that such shops, once the questions of legality are sorted out, will do a brisk business, probably better than the recently folded seller of used garments for drag queens.

I will also predict that other communities in Oakland, particularly in the hip and urban south, will follow the trend and the money.

We do, after all, need all the revenue we can get.

Anyway, check out the comments on the story about the bust at


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