Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pit bull attacks

Seems like almost every day there is some new report in the news about a pit bull attack.

The latest involved an attack on a puppy in the arms of a Rochester Hills boy that owned the smaller dog.http://bit.ly/bQCGn4

The general response seems divided into two camps. One that pit bulls are a dangerous breed and should be banned. Another is that it is not the breed, but the training of the dog that brings out such vicious behavior.

But there must be some sort of problem, or these attacks would not be so common.

Maybe it has to do with the reputation of the breed attracting the sort of owners who tend to raise their dogs to be aggressive.

But, whatever the reason, it seems ridiculous that people can't walk about in public without having to fear of being attacked by dogs.

Some folks also get upset at the thought of people openly carrying sidearms. The arguments against guns point out that people with weapons tend to hurt others. The opposing argument is that people tend to be more civil to people with weapons.

Two problems and two sets of interpretations.

But in this case, the pit bulls would not have been a problem if the owners of the puppy had been armed.


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